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About Moonlightshadows12: October 8th I'll be meeting the love of my life in person. The Goddess has truly blessed us. Words cannot explain how much my heart is fluttering right now. UPDATED FULL PROFILE: "I want the world to change for me." Mood Song: Explosions-ellie goulding Mood: eh. name:Moon Takaya age:17 gender: Female Orientation: Bi brothers/sisters: Hitsugayatoushiro10, Tearsofsadness, Inarie status: Not so bad =) race: Yuki Onno class: Goddess of Ice weapon: Ice powers and beam sword element: Ice birthplace: chat-home: animemizu fav quotes: "You could crush me Please don't crush me 'Cause baby I'm a dreamer for sure And I won't let you down I swear this time I mean it" Thank you for coming back to me. I missed you so much. My snowflake. Nicholaus.