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About Moonlightshadows12: Does anybody ever care...or even pretend to? ☽ The Moon Chicken Sometimes I'm known as Aura Please don't be afraid to say hi. snapchat: auraluna :) "I'll talk to anybody" -> immediately ignores me because my photo is my actual face. Don't be that guy^ I WANT TO SING TO SOMEBODY. Hello, How are You?? I am undertale fandom trash. Heads up. OVERWATCH, HEARTHSTONE and HEROES player name:Moon Takaya age:19 gender: Female Orientation: Bi brothers/sisters: Hitsugayatoushiro10, Tearsofsadness, Inarie status: Not so bad =) race: Yuki Onna class: Goddess of Ice weapon: Ice powers and beam sword element: Ice birthplace: chat-home: animemizu Thank you for coming back to me. I missed you so much. My snowflake. Nicholaus.