Location:Maple Shade, NJ

About Moonlightshadows12: Just got Destiny 2 on xbox if y'all want! Feeble attempts to acquire my body for your personal uses will be denied. Approach me with dignity. Triple points if you open with something Star Trek related. Self-taught artist from the middle of nowhere. I sing songs and doodle things. This is a real bio I promise. I am the happiest I have ever been. I am being treated like a queen. I am blessed. ~Our hearts are connected they tell us that no matter what our feelings once shined Even if we both fall in love, apart, the light we had will never stop shining for us~ LADYNINE<3 Sometimes I'm known as Aura Please don't be afraid to say hi. snapchat: auraluna :) OVERWATCH, HEARTHSTONE and HEROES player Full wix if you actually open my profile. :3